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August 08, 2017


Didn't the ERA die in part because it meant women on turning 18 would have to register for the draft and could be placed in combat roles?

The ERA died because Illinois and a couple of other states refused to ratify it. They were controlled by arch conservatives at that time. Many gains have been made since then, but the amendment would make them permanent, and protect them from right wing legislators.

Conservative bogeymen eh?


Who votes to limit abortion access? Not liberals. Who wants to take away access to Planned Parenthood clinics? Not liberals. It's a war on women to deny them contraception, abortion, even reasonable health care and coverage, apparently to force them back in the home to serve their husbands. Or so it seems to me.

Whew! Hell hath no fury...

Well, women must fight to maintain their equality and their lives. Just notice how they are oppressed in the Middle East and elsewhere. That could happen here, and is happening where abortion is not available in the south. As Trump would say "sad."

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