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June 18, 2011


The websites/blogs you cite have no contact information and do not identify the author(s) of the articles. How do you know the information is accurate?

These websites rely on facts. I have also had email contact with the people who have done the research.

Their websites rely on and refer to published stories in the mainstream media, which presumably have no reason to lie. The story about the Ohio investigations of Gulen schools comes from mainstream media there.

The comment above from 'Matthew' is a reasonable response, eg no conspiracy, but... I find the whole Gulen-charter school connection very odd. If Gulen wants to set up private schools, fine. If it wants tax money for charter schools, that's a whole new ballgame -- one that may be rigged.

Your #1 bit of proof is that the Quest principal anglicized his first name? Does that mean that my grandfather was part of some great Italian conspiracy to hijack the building of hospitals?

There may be a connection between Gulen and Quest, Elaine, but much of what you are doing is called "dog whistling." "Honey, our kids are being taught by Mooooslims!"

The Quest principal is using a last name, Blackstone, that is not his name.

And don't you wonder why Turkish figures would establish a network of public charter schools in the USA?

The Illinois Charter School Act forbids teaching religion in these public schools. But what about the trips to Turkey?

See the many links on the 2 blog posts to realize what these people are up to: likely money, religion, and influence. Using tax dollars.

I don't think this article reflects the truths. The following website explains the situation really well

Gulen Charter Schools

sorry the link is here:


To learn more about the Gulen operation in Illinois you must look to the Gulen NGOs that surround the schools. For instance in the midwest, the Gulen ran and operated Concept Schools out of Ohio manages the Gulen Charter Schools in the Midwest (Including the troubled Chicago Math and Science Academy -CMSA as well as Gulenist ran Quest Charter Academy in Peoria, IL)
Concept Schools is currently under investigation in OHIO for it's Turkocentric business practices and other financial mismanagment.
They recently paid the state back $13,000 which was Educational funds used to pay for the families of h1-b visa employees.

Look at the money trail of Quest Charter Academy.

Another good site to research news and LEGAL issues of the Concept schools is called
Charter School Watchdog.

This site is by ex-teachers of the Gulen managed Ohio based Horizon Science Academies.


Particularly read "See Sam Squirm" refering to Salim Ucan who is one of the big cheeses at Concept Schools which manages Quest Charter Academy in Peoria, IL.

There is so much proof on these Gulen Charter Schools even Ray Charles could see it.

Great reporting, Elaine. It's obviously drawn the Gulenists to your site, who are trying to do damage control by challenging what you've written, and by directing people to their lame websites. BTW, they will NEVER confess their affiliation, or reveal their true intentions. Gulen has taught them well about "keeping secrets."

Check out this BBC piece about the GM. It doesn't get into their charter school involvement in the U.S., but gives a decent overview of the controversies and concerns.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izjnSb0owbI&feature=related
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eD19xG-7rM&feature=related
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72Vwt_LIrAc&feature=related

This will be a new and complicated story for people in Peoria to wrap their heads around, but they'll start to catch on once they read your links and learn things like how the mission statement of their local charter school (run by Concept, operator of the Horizon schools) is exactly the same as Moonlight International School, a Gulen school in South Africa run by Horizon Educational Trust.

Concerned individuals absolutely MUST follow these two on Twitter!!!


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